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My gps tracker is not precise enought - specialy in cloudy days.
So result is rout like this . http://gpsloglabs.com/share/a4ba3647807ab7061b6ad05a4b3fa23c93c90cfd/

Is there any option, to mouve points from wrong loaction to an right location ?

I tried also filters, but output you see ...

Author: Igor, 07.04.2013, 17:28
Idea status: under consideration

Response from the site administrator

tompaton, 11.05.2013
Hi Igor,

GPSLog Labs is designed to automate as much editing of your tracks as possible, and moving individual points is kind of the opposite of that. You should try and use filters that fix general problems (like points that are way too fast, or areas where you consistently get bad GPS signals.)

I can't see your log, it looks like you've probably changed something and will need to share it again, so it's a little hard to make a suggestion but maybe you could add a Time Filter to delete the bad point and maybe Add Waypoints to move the point back to where you want it.

That is fiddly and maybe a better option is to use another program that allows you to edit the file before uploading it to GPSLog Labs.


tompaton, 08.04.2013, 01:13
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