- Speed on track do not correct

To record the tracks I use a smartphone, and application OpenGPSTracker and Mytracks.

When I import gpx file from these application to gpsloglabs.com the maximum speed of the track is displayed incorrectly (for example, 281 km/h instead of 162 km/h). Maybe another parameters of track is incorrect too.

I check these tracks on http://utrack.crempa.net/ and it's ok. I think problem is in gpsloglabs.com.

I can't attach files here, but if you need I may send it to e-mail for testing.

Author: Unknown OpenID, 13.03.2013, 14:20
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Response from the site administrator

tompaton, 11.05.2013
At a guess I'd say the other sites and apps are performing some smoothing and cleanup of the raw data before they display it.

You can do the same thing in GPSLog Labs if you wish, see http://blog.gpsloglabs.com/new-gps-track-filters for some details. You may want to add a Speed filter to discard points with speeds you could never physically achieve, or you could add a Speed Median filter to smooth the resulting speed graph without discarding the points.

However, without seeing your data it's hard to tell, please email it to tom@gpsloglabs.com if you'd like me to look into it further.


tompaton, 13.03.2013, 22:13
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