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What about sharing full track not only activity and setting tag on full track?
Thank you.

Author: Andrey, 24.05.2012, 04:37
Idea status: under consideration

Response from the site administrator

tompaton, 11.05.2013
If you want you can click the "Remove automatic edits" button on the "Edit Processed Activity" tab of the uploaded log file page to easily remove all the segments and turn the full track into a single activity (see http://blog.gpsloglabs.com/updates-for-september-2nd-95408 for more details.)

If you want separate activity segments still, you can share more than one of them on a single page by embedding the graphs and maps into a blog page (see http://blog.gpsloglabs.com/embedding-maps-and-graphs-in-your-site for more details.)


tompaton, 25.05.2012, 12:26
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Risto, 16.05.2013, 11:08
How about being able to share selections? Would that be possible? Then we could add the separate activities into the selection and be able to share all of them with one link. I love the way you can add Places and then your server will automatically cut the log into pieces so i can look at different segments separately(very useful when sailing... upwind or downwind etc). But in reality it is all one race and it would be nice to be able to share it all as one.

I will try my luck with creating my own html like you described above, maybe i can get it to work.
tompaton, 16.05.2013, 12:42
Yes, sharing selections is definitely something I hope to add.

It sounds like the Checkpoints feature is what you're after though. Checkpoints are like places and they let you see a breakdown of the segments of an activity, but they don't split the overall activity and would let you share the whole race in one go.

There's a post describing them more on the blog: http://blog.gpsloglabs.com/posts/segmenting-your-activity-using-route-checkpoi.html
Risto, 21.05.2013, 13:52
The splits feature does look nice and is pretty much what i was looking for yes, thanks for pointing it out. But am i correct in understanding that none of the info concerning the splits is actually shared with the route?
Since i only have a few people i need to share this with, i guess we could just share one account for now :)
tompaton, 21.05.2013, 23:12
Yes, I'm afraid the splits are not currently shown on the shared activity page. Hopefully I'll find some time to improve the range of sharing options soon.

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