- Auto detection of ski slopes vs lifts

Between 2 stops in a track, you could detect if elevation is constantly increasing or decreasing.
Decreasing elevation is ski/board, increasing elevation is lift.
Then time and speeds could be measured for ski only, or for ski and lift separately

Thanks again, great app!

Author: Wim, 25.02.2011, 13:03
Idea status: under consideration


tompaton, 28.02.2011, 01:49
One thing to try would be to add Checkpoints to the Route at the top and bottom of the lifts. That would divide the activity into "splits" between the checkpoints which would give you the times/speeds your after. It's not automatic, and it's a little poorly documented at the moment, but:

1) Make sure you've assigned a Route to the activity (something simple like "Mountain X" is fine)
2) Go to the Route detail page and click the Splits tab
3) Click Add Checkpoint and choose "Add a new checkpoint"
4) Drag the marker to the right place on the activity, possibly decrease the radius to 20m or something depending on how accurate your data is.
5) Add more checkpoints as required.

The splits will recompute automatically and be shown on the Route's Splits tab and also on the Splits tab for the activity.
buthe79, 10.01.2012, 20:06
I am going skiing soon so need to be able to do this. On a test file I tried following your instructions. When I go to the splits tab, I cannot see any option to add new checkpoint. What am I doing wrong. Has anyone else got this working

buthe79, 10.01.2012, 20:24
I have tried using a different test file with more altitude variation. There is now the option for adding checkpoints which I've done. However nothing seems to happen with the newly added checkpoints. Any ideas?
tompaton, 10.01.2012, 21:10
Once you have added checkpoints, they should calculate automatically. If they don't, there is a "Regenerate Splits" button on the Route detail page's Splits tab (which will reprocess all Activity and may take some time) and also on the Activity detail page's Splits tab (which will reprocess that log only.)

I'll try and write up some better documentation with screenshots tonight and put it on the blog.
tompaton, 11.01.2012, 09:22
I've posted a bit of a write-up to the blog: http://blog.gpsloglabs.com/segmenting-your-activity-using-route-checkpoi
tompaton, 29.08.2013, 11:02
Note that the Altitude Profile tab for the Activity now breaks out the "ascending" and "descending" duration, distance and average speed too.

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