- I'd be interested in having heartrate and speed info combined to give some sense of running efficiency, vO2, etc.

By combining heart rate and speed it should be possible to see if my running economy is improving as I train, and also how it varies with distance.

Author: Chad, 13.01.2011, 12:29
Idea status: under consideration


tompaton, 14.01.2011, 02:18
I've made sure that heart rate is included in the "Activity log as CSV" download, which means you can plot some of these things yourself in a spreadsheet. If you come across anything you find useful, then please give me the details/examples and I'll try and put it in.

I don't personally have a heart rate logger, so the data I have to play with isn't particularly interesting. Plotting speed and heart rate on the same graph (vs time or distance) seems to be fairly pointless to me as the relationship appears trivial (heart rate is high when you're going and drops when you stop...). You can do the same for now by opening the Heart Rate and Other Graphs tabs in separate tabs in your browser and switching between them.

So, some further computation (such as estimating VO2) or transformation is probably needed to make it valuable. For example plotting Speed vs Heart Rate, but I tried that and I wasn't really able to interpret anything useful it.

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